Junior Golf 

If you would like to get your Juniors involved in a great golf program, Crown Colony has many different options available:

Junior Golf Classes - This program meets every week on Wednesdays for an hour to work on everything from etiquette to full swing and develop a love of the game, with fun, games and learning.

Junior Golf Camp - This is our normal summer golf camp. Join us again in 2017!

Each student receives a cap, golf balls, shirts and other items when attending our classes and camps.

We can work your Junior up to the junior team through either program. More information about each program is provided below. 

Get your Junior involved at Crown Colony and let’s create golfers for the future.

Weekly PGA Junior Golf Classes

Cost: $150 first month, $100 a month per student thereafter OR sign up for 3 months for $250. Classes are open to everyone.

Call the Golf Pro Shop 936-637-8800 or contact us to sign up. 

Every Wednesday

• All Competitive Golf and College Prep Students will sign up in the NTPGA Junior Tour.
• All Competitive Golf students will have the option to play in the Team Golf events.

Sports Class: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
This class is for the junior who is looking to learn about golf but also wants to have fun. Focus will be on the etiquette of the game. The rules of golf will be introduced and students will learn how to keep score.

Competitive Golf Class: 5:00PM – 6:00PM
This class is for junior who is more serious about their golf game. We will discuss about the fundamentals of golf, illustrate the motion of the golf swing and address individual practice needs as well as what it takes to prepare for the round.

College Prep Class: At student's convenience
This class is more for the junior who has been playing competitive golf and dreams of playing collegiate golf. We will go over course management and what it takes to score, how each student needs to practice, what it takes to prepare for the round as well as fitness and how to keep your body in shape.